Dan's status with the band

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Re: Dan's status with the band

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Feels like they have stepped into the realm of being irresponsible here. It doesn't have an impact on me directly but if I had tickets to an upcoming show I'd be pretty unhappy with the lack of communication.

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Re: Dan's status with the band


im sure there's good reasons.if not it will still be a awesome show.how could it not be.maybe there's legal reasons or like someone said they might be working it out.i know they care about the fans but there's a little bit of punk in these guys thats one of the reasons we love them.

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Re: Dan's status with the band

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Hard to believe that July 20th was the last time I would see Soul Asylum. Been a fan for about 24 years and I have seen 40 plus shows. To me, the band hasn't been the same since Grant Young departed, and with the death of Karl Mueller, God rest his soul, I had second thoughts about ever seeing a show again. Then came Tommy Stinson. Those were some of the best shows I've seen. I've seen a couple Dave Pirner solo shows. It was ok. I really don't know how you can call them Soul Asylum any longer. It's not. Well, good luck to Dan Murphy, and thanks to him for all the great shows and putting up with my drunkeness the couple of times I talked to him. 31 years is awsome. Thanks, and so long Soul Asylum! Steve

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Re: Dan's status with the band

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TravisSaves wrote:Wouldn't it be hilarious if the official statement from the band is something along the lines of this:

As you all know, Dan missed our show last weekend in Spain. Well, it all happened for a great reason. As you may have just read, The Replacements are working on a new covers album. First, Dan was asked to help lay down some tracks on the new record which just so happened to be on the same day as our already booked Spain show. To help our good buddy, Tommy, he happily did this and therefore we found someone to fill in for Dan while he was in the studio. Second, we're happy to announce that we'll be joining The Replacements on all dates of the upcoming nationwide The Replacements reunion tour.

Hey, it's fun to think positively :D

well you know, this really can't be too far off could it?


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Re: Dan's status with the band

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Has anything shown up in print (papers, magazines) about Dan?

If rolling stone doenst have a story or at least a snippet i will be highly pissed.......

Dan was a huge part of soul asylum and i have enjoyed him taking time to speak with me when he did.

Now granted i will follow dave around til he or i die!! but still the end of an era nonetheles....please mention of there is any printed press out there about danny leaving...i am a collector



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Re: Dan's status with the band

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I'm not sure if these two articles are in the print versions of their respective magazines but here's what I found on Google News:

Rolling Stone: Soul Asylum Co-Founder Dan Murphy Leaves Band
Star Tribune: Era ends as Murphy leaves Soul Asylum

Rolling Stone even listed our site as the source of the news.
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Re: Dan's status with the band


The Star Tribune had printed articles on both Wednesday and Friday.

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Re: Dan's status with the band

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Though I was sad to finally read the news, I was happy that this site was mentioned in some of the news coverage. Yay for our fansite. :)

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