A message from Soul Asylum

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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

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It's Dave Asylum now. He's the only constant left. Tommy will probably play whenever he can, but he was not the official bassist for any amount of time. I'm not sure that Michael was ever noted as the official drummer, if that even matters.

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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

Post by CULater »

Thanks, Jim for giving us the message. I'm sure you had to do that with a heavy heart!

Well...like all good things, all things as we know them have to end at some time. I will miss Dan and the comraderie on stage, for sure. I'm glad I got the pleasure to meet him a time or two and wish him all the best! Thanks for an awesome run.

I will continue to follow and support Soul Asylum in any capacity and long after they all decide to hang it up, I will always be listening......
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Re: A message from Soul Asylum


I too will support DAVE MICHAEL and whoever soul asylum is so happy there still gonna carry on.the ultimate survival band.accept maybe for skynard but soul asylum is the only band that matters i cant wait for more shows.

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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

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Michael is definitely the official drummer.

They should never play Black Gold again.
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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

Post by TravisSaves »

It's always an incredible day when Soul Asylum says they're still going to write, record, and perform!

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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

Post by jludes »

I’m really bummed to see Danny go; REALLY bummed. Been of fan since the ’80; probably seen over 40 shows. Love this guy . . . but that said, I’m sure he is doing what is best for him and I for one would much rather have a Danny-less SA than an SA with a Danny who’s heart is just no longer in it . . .

I am fully supportive of Dave, etc., continuing on with Soul Asylum, despite Dan’s departure. Sure, they will be different, probably won’t play certain songs any longer, have a different stage dynamic, and it obviously follows that they will be less of their “original” incarnation than before being down to only one original member, but who knows, perhaps a motivated new guitarist will breathe some new life into the band. I’d assume they may get a session guy to fill in quickly but I’d love to see them get a super-psyched and talented guitarist who has always loved the band to become the “new” Murph. Bob Mould did this with his current bass player, who is a guy who was a big fan and clearly loves to be part of Bob’s music, and his rapport with Bob at live shows is a joy to watch. It would be great if something like this could happen for Dave. As I’m sure everyone would agree, Pirner has poured his life’s blood into this band for decades now. In all the shows I have been to over the years, Dave has never even ONCE been anything less than an 110% energetic, engaging, and dedicated front man. This man seems to have NO bad shows, or let moods, fatigue, personal “issues,” etc. get between him, his music, and his fans. As lead vocalist, front man, and principle song writer, SA is in a very large respect Dave’s band, and he has every right in the world to persist with the band and band name, no matter who he is playing with for however long his chooses to (and Bland may be newer, but he’s SA through and through in my book as well and this shouldn’t be overlooked). Of course we will all miss Dan dearly, but here’s to Dave & Co. carrying on; I’m one fan who will be there with them for as long as they are playing music, both old and new. Cheers to Dan and his next life-stage. Cartoon live, RIP. SA, Carry on, carry on, carry on!

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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

Post by jasonC »

Been reading everyone's thoughts on this for the past week, guess I'll chime in with my two cents.

I'm pretty shocked, never really anticipated this. Dan is a huge part of Soul Asylum having been there since the beginning and all the great songs he has contributed. He will be missed and certainly no one can ever truly "replace" him. I met him once at a show in Covington Ky back in 2003. He saw me before the show wearing my dunce cap LYDLS era Soul Asylum t-shirt and he told me to hang on to that shirt because you don't see them much anymore. He was a super nice guy, very relaxed and easy going.

Everything I have ever heard him say or write has always struck me as being intelligent, thoughtful and the stone cold truth. I wish he wasn't leaving but that being said I don't want Soul Asylum to end. I've been a fan since I was 14 years old back in the summer of 95' when I bought LYDLS on cassette. That record is still one of my all time favorite rock and roll albums. So in short I wish Dan success and happiness in whatever he chooses to do. Thanks for all your contributions to the band, it wont be the same without you.

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Re: A message from Soul Asylum

Post by topiratti »

and i was hoping to finally see SA live before he leff :(
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