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Golden Smog Best-Of - September 23

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:07 am
by norma023
read all about it here! New Smog coming out (well not new material, but a best of cd from songs from their first 2 full length cd's) !! ... 1003828905

July 17, 2008 , 1:25 PM ET

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

A previously unreleased cover of Brian Wilson's "Love and Mercy" and an early version of "Until You Came Along" will be found on Rhino's upcoming Golden Smog collection "Stay Golden," due Sept. 23.

The lauded supergroup features Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, Soul Asylum's Dan Murphy, Big Star's Jody Stephens and the Jayhawks' Gary Louris and Marc Perlman and Run Westy Run's Kraig Johnson.

Golden Smog recorded two albums and an EP in the '90s; eight songs each are included from the albums on "Stay Golden," but none made the cut from the 2006 reunion effort "Another Fine Day" or last year's "Blood on the Slacks."

Here is the track list for "Stay Golden":

"Until You Came Along"
"Looking Forward To Seeing You"
"Ill Fated"
"Lost Love"
"Jennifer Save Me"
"Making Waves"
"Glad and Sorry"
"To Call My Own"
"Pecan Pie"
"Won't Be Coming Home"
"Red Headed Stepchild'
"He's A Dick"
"Radio King"
"Please Tell My Brother"
"If I Only Had a Car"
"Until You Came Along" (1997 version)
"Love and Mercy"