Jessy Greene playing with Pink on Oprah

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Jessy Greene playing with Pink on Oprah

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I know some people here like Jessy Greene's music. I saw on her facebook page that she performed with Pink on the Oprah show recently. I found a link. Here it is...not too many shots of Jessy but still cool to see her there. ... re=related

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Re: Jessy Greene playing with Pink on Oprah

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Anyone know what's up with Jessy these days? Is she still living in the Cities? Still doing solo stuff, I know she is a well known session musician and plays for everyone from the Foo Fighters to Pink, but I really enjoyed those two albums she released and the many solo shows she did around them. I have been following her since the end of VioVoom, use to sell her cigarette's at a corner store downtown. Always found her to be very talented and very intelligent and she made some great sonic soundscapes. Female Musicians get discarded too easily I find, if they are accepted mainstream then it is based off their looks or dramatic lifestyle and not their talent. Jessy seemed to avoid that fate that well and never was a "Rockstar" but always a down to earth genuine musician. Glad she has a career in Music, but I want to see her express herself again.
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Re: Jessy Greene playing with Pink on Oprah

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Awesome video here! Thanks a lot for sharing, it was so great to watch it! I didn't expect it from Oprah though

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