snowed in....

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snowed in....

Post by zany »

any other new Englanders on the boards snowed in and have cabin fever??

we got 30" of snow...been home for 3 days now...

my husband and i have both 'finished reading the whole internet' already...
and can't watch any good tv in the day cuz anything good isn't appropriate for the toddler... though we've seen plenty of kids tv... and a little bit of shipping wars... ugh.

how's everybody else doing? I hope you all have power and heat. i'm SOOO glad we do.

i'm actually considering watching the grammys tonight... which I usually never do, just to feel connected to the rest of the world somehow... I like watching the red carpet part which starts soon but the little guy will probably flip if I turn off mickey mouse before his bedtime... he's been sick and getting a little too addicted to tv...
oh it's been a long weekend!

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Re: snowed in....

Post by Educatrix »

Sorry about the cabin fever, zany! We fared okay in my town on Long Island; we got about a foot of snow all told. Points farther east and north (mostly east), though, really got socked - lots of abandoned cars and closed roadways. Part of me wishes I had a snow day tomorrow, but the more logical part of my brain says that I really don't want more vacation taken away!

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Re: snowed in....

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

We had about 7 inches of snow, but I was wondering how you ladies were doing.

I am also watching the Grammys.

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