Just a test post for spam countermeasure

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Just a test post for spam countermeasure

Post by Monolith Maniac »

With the forum remaining mostly inactive leads to more spambots constantly joining and posting despite all the countermeasures. I'm just hoping maybe a new post/topic would ward off bots making the forum seem somewhat active.

The numerous SA related Facebook pages have been the go-to site the past couple years for social interaction since it's more convenient and quicker, so I can understand the lack of inactivity here. If spam really continues to pile up I think I may stop the current manual registration process to have new people can only join the forum by emailing me; this would prevent further spam from bots registering and/or posting. Thoughts?
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Re: Just a test post for spam countermeasure

Post by OneLovedBand »

As long as the directions are clear that one can still join by emailing you, I don't think it will hurt any. I'm grateful this board is still here as I'm not on Facebook for a number of reasons. I've been missing everybody though. Been kind of lonely here.

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Re: Just a test post for spam countermeasure

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

If emailing you means no spam bots, I'm in. I admit that since the spam hit, I have been checking here much less frequently. I've also seen spam cited on one of the Facebook groups as a reason for not visiting here as often.

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Re: Just a test post for spam countermeasure

Post by EasyStreet »

I'm in for a change to the "how to join" process...!
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