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Post by Monolith Maniac »

Today, has been very privileged to have our site directed from the best domain name possible,

All new and returning visitors/members that visit will automatically be directed to our Red Light Management (the band's management), the ones whose idea this was, felt it was the right move since they know this is the number one online resource for fans.

EnterTheSoulAsylum is not going anywhere; Jakob and I will still be the ones running and in charge of the site. You many not realize how much all of you have contributed to make this possible. Since our opening day (October 6, 2007) we have grown to 362 members and have had over 650 threads at the forum.

Again, we are very honored to have this direct possible and we thank you for making this site what is has been as well as for the future.

If you'd like, feel free to check it out: :)
Jim Metz, Webmaster of

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Re: now leads here

Post by dells »

This is awesome news, guys!!!! Congratulations on creating and more importantly, nuturing and growing such an incredible privately run fansite, and earning such an honor as this.

I've been lucky enough to have also been IRC chatting buddies with a Def Leppard fan who created such an awesome Def Leppard fan site that they hired him to be webmaster of their official site (I think this is even better, fans looking for the official site being directed to an awesome fan community instead of a sterile, unchanging corporately run official site). Having the opportunity and means of connecting with other hardcore fans is one of the very best benefits of the internet, and I'm grateful to be part of this community of the best music fans in the world.

Thank you to Red Light Management for recognizing all of us in this way. What a wonderful way of expressing how much they value our web presence and participation here in support of the band. Hopfully if any increased bandwidth traffic causes increased web hosting expenses, they might be able to assist our web gurus with that.

Welcome to all fans who have/will find us here thanks to this official re-direct. I just hope that our forum here manages to remain free of the trolls that infest many forums and bullitin boards and ultimately end up ruining them.


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Re: now leads here

Post by ArmyKat »

Congratulations, guys! Although I don't post here often, I do check out the site almost every day for news and updates. This is the ultimate recognition for the great job you guys do!

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Re: now leads here

Post by Closer »

Cool... I'm sure this will lead to more traffic for this site and that's great. Hopefully this new management will bring Soul Asylum to a larger audience for the new album, and maybe some shows in Europe this time around.

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Re: now leads here

Post by philipgar »

Congratulations on this announcement!! It's great to see the band recognizing this site, and pushing it. It helps to have a single site for all the information, and this one has become the place to get information on the band for a few years now.


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Re: now leads here

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Very cool news! Congrats!

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Re: now leads here

Post by zany »

wow this is really cool! :) congrats to our 'web-dudes' jim&jakob !

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Re: now leads here


you dudes deserve this. this is my fave site. thanx guys

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Re: now leads here

Post by spodiba »

Nice! Congrats, guys! You deserved it!

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Re: now leads here

Post by mysterywb »

Awesome news! You guys have done a great job here. Soul Asylum deserves nothing but the best!

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