any hootenany tales?

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any hootenany tales?

Post by Atticusdog »

Hey all .Did anyone go to last nights hootenany at Java Jacks? If so how was it and who were the suprise guests.Thanks.Dave

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Re: any hootenany tales?


I was there from 6:30 until a little after 8:00 (my 5-year-old got ants in his pants), so I didn't stay for the whole thing, but not a Dave or Dan sighting or mention. Todd (Norma) was still there when I left, but I'm guessing sincing we haven't heard anything about the Hoot from him this morning, that it was a no show for SA. Great show all the same! Good luck to all those who try to grovel their way into tonight's Hamline U. show! Todd - it's was nice meeting you!

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Re: any hootenany tales?

Post by norma023 »

well, if you're a big fan of Ed Ackerson, and/or any projects he's involved in, this would have been right up your alley.

There were members of Polara on stage, members of The Mood Swings on stage, members of Astronaut Wife on stage, and even (stretching a bit) members on Golden Smog on stage (Ed as guested with them before, Peter Anderson has drummed with them, and Perlman was there). Other performers were Janey and Marc, and Christian Erickson (Janey Winterbauer's husband). Apparently other "guests" were tentatively slated to appear, but "scheduling conflicts" got in the way and did not show. So making an unscheduled appearance was Dead Rock West. Must of been close to 10 people total on stage at one point.

The "Hoot" is your basic round robin type deal, where everyone does one song each and then sit and wait their turn before they play again. DRW kind of broke the sequence a bit once they showed up (they arrived late/left early as they had another gig to go to). I'm a big Ed fan, so I didn't get as much of a Ed fix in once DRW was on stage.

Good night of music though!

And, nice to meet Tracy as well (and skeleton boy)!
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